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Lead Gen Tactics for Local Fitness Franchisees

The fitness industry has become insanely competitive over the years, especially after the pandemic. And because of that, fitness franchise brands may find local competition tough for franchisees to overcome.

Now, more than ever, the way to win the game is in the community.

People want to know you, your name, your brand, your product offering, and hear your passion for the results you deliver.

It's not easy work. It's far easier to place an ad and hope the door swings open. For franchisees, this is the ultimate differentiator in a record-breaking grand opening and consistent local store marketing.

So, how do you set your franchisees up for success? Lead generation.

It's imperative to generate a presence in your local community. The franchisee themselves are great representatives in the community, along with the trainers, GMs and staff.

Discover our go-to lead generation tips


  • Know where your client demographic shops, eats, plays

  • Attend block parties, chamber of commerce events, city events, anything to connect you to the local area you are in


  • Join local Facebook groups

  • Join city event pages

  • Join mom groups - in person and online

    • Members often post asking where people workout, have meet-ups, etc.

    • You can comment about your gym and share results

    • Post event information and links to your page

  • Join book clubs

  • Sponsor a hole in a golf tournament


  • Create a business-to-business strategy with advantageous partnerships that benefit both parties—you and the other business

  • Locally owned businesses are more likely to work with you if they benefit from the relationship

  • Bring a swag bag, including branded items or your first-time guest offer

Once your franchisees are ingrained in the community, layering on additional local marketing practices adds volume and a higher-quality lead due to your in-market exposure.


  • Prospects will always trust a friend more than an ad, so designing a powerful referral program is key

  • Get creative and incentivize your existing members to get new people through the door and trying your workouts

  • Incentivize your members to bring a friend and enter to win tickets to a concert, sports game, festival, and art exhibit

  • Many brands have ongoing member referral incentives to execute regularly like refer a friend and you get one month free


  • Local prospects are on Facebook and Instagram, so you need to be advertising on the platforms

  • Include imagery of your target audience

  • Highlight what makes you different

  • Don’t anticipate prospects watching the ad with sound

  • Include a CTA

  • CTA should lead to a simple, easy-to-use lead form


  • Your ads will perform better, faster, and stronger, if your franchisee social pages are robust, branded, and value-packed

  • Investing in a strong social presence is mandatory for attracting leads

  • Incorporate member testimonials, trainer spotlights, workout tips, and community-forward content to get prospects excited about your brand and interested in taking a class

  • Pro Tip: Regularly survey your social media followers to discover what content they want to see most from your brand!

  • Curious about optimizing Instagram content? Visit our blog, 8 Ways to Get 3X More Instagram Engagement for Your Franchise Brand, to learn more


  • With this classic tactic, you have the ability to track the behaviors of your prospects

  • Understand what subject lines entice them, what times of the day they open emails, and more

Subject Line Inspo We’re Into

  1. Your Goal Body is Calling

  2. New Classes Starting Soon

  3. You Want Results & We Can Help

  4. Let’s Start Your Health Journey Together

  5. Move More & Feel Better

  6. Workouts That Fit Any Schedule

  7. Burn More & Pay Less

  8. Affordable Personal Trainers You’ll Love

  9. Hit Your Goals & Don’t Break the Bank

  10. Weight-Loss Made Easier

Remember: even in 2023, an era of social media and smart phones, becoming the Mayor of your community still wins all day long.



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