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Our People 

This team has a whole lot of heart and that’s what makes us different. We know all about the blood, sweat and tears that go into making a franchise brand successful, so we promise to bring the positivity, passion and grit needed to make your business goals a reality. We’re fierce, prepared, and insanely excited to join forces with you and make your dreams happen.

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Brooke Budke Momentum Brands CEO

Brooke Budke Wiltse,

Chief Executive Officer


Our Leader

The Future of Franchise Marketing

When it comes to business strategy, Brooke has been recognized as one of the top eight female CMOs in franchising. A former brand president, and a true master in marketing, working with Brooke will help you change the game. She leads clients with infectious positivity and growth-minded strategy that inevitably guides brands to expedited success. Her revolutionary consulting style uplifts, educates and assists executives in reaching extraordinary heights of leadership and profitability. With more than a decade of franchise marketing experience under her belt, Brooke’s knowledge and network within the franchising space is truly unmatched. In her free time, the progress-obsessed CEO can be found vacationing with family in Colorado, trying out new workout classes, and goal setting for another year of light and achievement. 

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Our Analyst

Franchise Marketing Agency

Always genuinely energetic and eminently curious, Halle is a guru of all things current. She constantly keeps a pulse on world events, trends in pop culture, industry news and so much more to ensure our clients are kept at the forefront of their industries. Her dynamic experience includes years in the food and beverage space, boutique fitness franchising and advertising. When she’s not serving as Brand Director with Momentum Brands, this world traveler is planning her next adventure, making a mess in the kitchen, or continuing her search for the world’s best margarita. 

Halle O'Neill Momentum Brands Director

Halle O'Neill,

Brand Director


01. Energy

Infuse enthusiasm into your leadership team

02. Visionary

Help you see the bigger picture

03.  Growth

Simplify your success model for acceleration

04.  Current

Keep you ahead of the trends

05.  Innovative

Subtle tweaks that make signifacant impact


The franchise leadership you need

Call it marketing support, consulting, coaching, educating and sometimes, therapy, this is a team of experienced and loyal confidants that just get it. We do not abide by stuffy corporate culture and instead choose to lead our clients and our internal team with fairness, gratitude and realness. This is a team of humans that value a whole lot more than just “the work.” It’s the connections, the impact, the camaraderie, the energy and the empathy that makes this group one of a kind. We will always be authentic, courageous and dangerously creative to honor one of the first goals we ever made, “to do things different.” 

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