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Our team helps your front line impact your bottom line

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Momentum Brands, born out of a passion for guiding franchise brands towards swift and intelligent growth, is a game-changer in the industry. Recognizing the challenges faced by emerging franchises, we offer a lifeline to bypass the painful years spent on trial and error.


Momentum Brand Partners accelerate their growth by implementing custom training resources, tools and techniques into their franchise system by working with a Fractional CMO.

We equip brands with the direction and documentation of well-established franchises in an accelerated manner, saving valuable time and resources.

Welcome to the future of franchise marketing.

Now Accepting

momentum makers

When it comes to franchising, you need market opportunity, great branding and a documented business model. We only have room for brands with big ideas and leaders who are willing to put in the work. We're looking for the next industry momentum makers. Is that you? Apply now or get on our wait list.


fractional CMO


When franchise brands are ready to scale, it requires expert leadership to make critical marketing decisions. Yet, a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can be financially burdensome or the brand may be too green to attract this level of talent. 


That's where Momentum Brands steps in as a fractional CMO, offering the perfect solution. You get decades of experience without the headache and cost of a full-time employee. 


We partner with franchise brands that display high-growth potential to layer in next-level marketing, playbooks and resources. 


This innovative approach grants franchise brands access to weekly guidance on marketing, business strategy, franchise development, and internal communication structure at a fraction of the time and cost, providing the support they need to grow faster than their competitors.

manuals, templates
& playbooks

In franchising, documentation of every aspect of the business operation is critical. This is especially true when it comes to grand opening, local store marketing, and the brand guidelines.


From brand strategy guides encompassing your position, values, customer personas, and market research to marketing manuals detailing new store opening checklists, budget planners, and grand opening success metrics, the need for comprehensive guidelines is paramount. And, a well-crafted franchise development strategy outlining candidate personas, broker resources, and persuasive presentation materials becomes indispensable when scaling. 


Get equipped with the customized playbooks, resources and training guides you need to achieve business objectives in record time.

Franchise Development Resources

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Grand Opening Manuals & Planners

Local Store Marketing and Sales Guides

Social Media Playbooks and Assets



Our Platinum Partnership level with an additional content package for LinkedIn, blogs and press. This is perfect for franchise brands looking to scale rapidly on both Franchise Development and Local Store Marketing.


Franchise brands with anywhere from a few units open to a couple hundred who need strategy, insights, next-level performance, grand opening ramp, playbooks, resources, C-suite expertise, and a strong leader to direct the overall prioriteies and impact of the marketing team. 


Emerging franchise brands looking for guidance, industry experts, recommendations, strategy and tactical application to unit growth. 

All partnerships include a Fractional CMO and Fractional Brand Director.

Co-working space

success is the product of daily habits

+ learn tips from the best brands in franchising

+ identify your target audience

+ develop messaging to grow raving fans

+ document the proven path for growth

+ implement strategies each week

+ monitor your progress and accountability

+ create playbooks and templates for franchisees

+ celebrate your success along the way

+ gain access to the best vendors and partners

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