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8 Ways to Get 3X More Instagram Engagement for Your Franchise Brand

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

At Momentum Brands, we’re always leveling up, and we think you can too—especially when it comes to your franchise brand’s Instagram account.

That’s why we’re breaking down the TOP insights you need to know to triple your franchise brand’s Instagram engagement.

So, scan these like-driving tactics 👍, forward to your Marketing Director ⏩, Social Media Manager📱, your best friend 👭, and your mom 🤷‍♀️, because everyone is going to have explosive exposure after implementing these simple tips.

> High-Res Reely Matters 📹

Have you ever spent hours on a great reel only to see it get posted and appear blurry? Not only does content matter, but high-resolution videos are key. Our trusty friend: Ms. Algorithm, will always favor high-res video content.

How to ensure your videos land with an oomph:

  1. Visit your profile page

  2. Click the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Click Settings

  4. Click Account

  5. Click Data Usage

  6. Toggle on High Quality Uploads

Watch your engagement jump with crisp and clear videos.

> Watermarks Water-down Your Reach 💧

Instagram does not want to see the TikTok watermark on your video—but who could blame them in their desire to keep the competitor’s logo off their feed. It’s not very convenient for repurposing content (we know). But it does make sense. Avoid editing video content for Instagram in apps like TikTok and CapCut. Instead, stick to editing in the Instagram app to have your videos favored by the algorithm. Though the editing capabilities are currently quite light, the social media giant has announced innovations are on the horizon.

> Post More…Like Everyday 🗓️

Yep, you read that right. The Instagram algorithm is now rewarding creators and brands that post on the grid every single day with more exposure. Now more than ever brands need social media managers who are experienced with curating relatable content. It’s equally important to stay relevant with the trending memes, jokes, celebs, social topics, and pop culture conversations.

Top 10 brands we love to follow are:

> Use Less Hashtags #️⃣

This rule seems to change constantly. The latest recommendation from Instagram is using three hashtags, five at the absolute most, to optimize your content and support higher engagement.

> Optimize Your Caption for Search Visibility 👀

Hashtags no longer have the search power they once did. It’s all about the captions now. Incorporate clear key words in your captions for maximum visibility. See the difference below in the low-performing vs. high-performing content via the bolded key words.

Low-Performing Caption:

Sundays are for self-care at VIO Med Spa! Come by and see us for a day full of pampering.

High-Performing Caption:

Hey Houston med spa-goers and glowy-skin-lovers! We’re inviting YOU to spend a self-care Sunday with VIO Med Spa. Think: Hydra Facials, Botox, Body Contouring, and more luxurious skincare treatments!

> Post Stories Six Times a Day 6️⃣

They’re getting specific with this one! Instagram recommends you post two stories in the morning, two in the middle of the day, and two at night. Yeah…it might be time to give your Social Media Manager a raise.

> Include More CTAs 📣

On the topic of stories, it is also highly encouraged to include more calls to action in stories. So, more questions, polls, ask me anything, sliders, quizzes, etc.

Story Caption Without CTA:

We’re adding a brand-new pie flavor to our menu. Stay tuned for the big flavor reveal!

Story Caption With CTA:

We’re adding a brand-new pie flavor to our menu, and we want you to help us choose!

Which flavor would you be most excited to try?

A. Coconut Cream

B. Oreo Dream

C. Strawberry Rhubarb

D. German Chocolate

Ahh the joys of the ever-evolving digital landscape! We’re not saying it’s easy to keep up with all the algorithm updates and trends, but it is worth it. Higher engagement means more exposure, which can positively impact brand awareness, build community, and ultimately make sales. Follow along with the Momentum Brands blog for more tips, insights, hacks, and more!

We’ll see you online. 😉

Halle O'Neill,

Brand Director



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